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ICNET National Suite supports a coordinated approach to managing infection surveillance, prevention, and control efforts at the mass population level.

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Registry collates patient level data on infections acquired in hospitals (MDROs, SSIs, CLABSIs, CAUTIs) at a national level to monitor healthcare quality and encourage improvement.

How ICNET Can Help: Flexible Data Collection & Reporting

ICNET reduces manual data collection via direct upload from the Infection Prevention product within the ICNET Hospital Suite, or allows infection prevention professionals to input data directly into a web form when this approach best suits their needs. ICNET also provides reporting and alert tools for the clinical team to drive behaviours that support data checking and validation of best practices.

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PPS is a data capture system for point prevalence surveys of healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs) and antimicrobial usage from individual hospitals and collates the data at a national level. The software follows the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) PPS protocol. 

How ICNET Can Help: Identify Opportunities for Impact

ICNET software aggregates and collates data at a national level to enable identification of priority areas for infection reduction, antimicrobial stewardship, and quality improvement initiatives that reduce antimicrobial resistance and HCAIs.

An easy-to-use,

time-efficient solution that enables PPS participation with existing organisational resources

Provides validated output

suitable for direct ECDC upload and integration with Business Intelligence tools for local analysis.

Quickly prepopulate

local data, with the flexibility to create a same-day patient list at 8 a.m.

Built-in Infection Checker

to validate and ensure consistency of data1

Public health official in hazmat suit screens female wearing protective face mask during infectious disease outbreak


Outbreak Manager for national populations provides outbreak data collection, visualisation, and analysis tools to facilitate investigation, management, and reporting activities at a scale befitting the magnitude and complexity of outbreaks occurring in the public arena, including epidemic outbreaks. 

How ICNET Can Help: Coordinated Outbreak Management

ICNET software leverages its rich data collection with extensive analysis, tracking, and visualisation capabilities to help public health communicable disease professionals quickly identify patterns and relationships driving outbreaks, coordinate intervention activities among public health teams, and track progress of these efforts.

Holistic Data Collection

Gather a full picture of an outbreak or multiple outbreaks for effective investigation via rich data collection that allows for comprehensive, consistent data in the public health setting.

Coordinated Case Management

Track and coordinate work being undertaken by multiple healthcare teams across large populations, with built-in algorithms to help analyse and allocate staffing resources.

Meaningful Data Visualisation

A robust, data visualisation tool suite helps teams efficiently assess patterns and relationships driving outbreaks, saving investigative time and effort and driving timely action.

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Case Manager is a case management tool for public disease notifications covering notifiable diseases, foodborne illnesses, border controls, overseas outbreak monitoring, quarantine, and health surveillance.

How ICNET Can Help: Universal Case Management

Configurable for All Scenarios

Use for any infectious outbreak in the public health setting, with configurability for particular specialty areas, workflows, and user levels. 

Flexible Data Collection

Collect data directly into the system locally, wherever the emergency is happening.

Common Data Set

Integrate data directly with Outbreak Manager for a comprehensive approach to disease management.

Doctor wearing white latex gloves examines vaccination site on upper arm of small child


Protect for national populations can manage the identification, recording, and administration of vaccines and other disease preventative medications for routine and travel vaccinations, and mass-emergency prevention activities during epidemics.

How ICNET Can Help: Comprehensive Population-Based Prevention

ICNET software helps comprehensively manage the appropriate and safe application of vaccines based upon population-specific protection requirements, formulary parameters, and adverse event tracking — including Routine and Mass Preventative Medication Administration (MPMA).


Populate, track, and manage vaccine status for every member of a population requiring routine vaccination, e.g., children or persons travelling. 


Efficiently map and process at-risk populations through the identification and application of protection requirements using single-source data visualised on an interactive workboard.